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  • Greg DeVries

    "It was through the discipleship and teaching received during my season at OMA that has laid the foundation for my 28 years of Christian living."

    Lead Pastor

    The Well FWC

  • Gene Hamman

    "OMA gave me a safe place to stay and work on things in my life. It was not about drugs and alcohol any longer; it was about what God could do in my life."


    Quality Farm Fencing

  • Ryan Gordon

    "Before I entered OMA I had been living a life of drug addiction for 11 years. Now I am eight years into following the Lord, I can say that it has been so rewarding!"


    Quality Cutters LLC.

  • Mike Gordon

    "I found myself in Alabama, 700 miles from home, in a place I’d never been before. Surrounded by people I didn’t know, but that hoped to help me. God is a good Father!"


    Nextek - FirstStop

  • Skylar Linderman

    "While at OMA I was given a firm foundation in the word of God, prayer, and living a holy lifestyle unto God. The staff not only taught the word of God, but lived it."


    OMA Inc.