Below is a message from our Directors, and an F.A.Q. about the ministry.

When Jim & Judy Summers (Founders of OMA) came to Huntsville, Alabama, They never dreamed of all God would do through their small beginnings. They just had faith that He would do something!

Today there is a ministry that encompasses the world, is debt free with buildings, barns, cattle and land that is used to encourage and train the men that come into this program.

All the way from a small beginning of a handful of boys traveling to North Carolina to hike in the mountains and hear about Jesus – to present day with thousands of lives impacted by their faithfulness! Outreach Ministries stands as a reminder that God works miracles in and through people.

As the next generation of leaders, we are committed to remaining true to the calling of this ministry. With the help of friends, churches and organizations throughout the country, the Outreach legacy of discipling men continues. We work together in this endeavor! Your support allows us to be here and for each man to be here as well. Thank you for helping us however you can! Little becomes much when God is in it.

Ken & SonyaDirectors of OMA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entry process?

  1. The prospective client should call 256-778-8096 (Leave message if there is no answer and we will call you back).
  2. We will arrange a telephone interview.
  3. Possible entry dates will be given.
  4. All communicable disease tests should be complete. There should be no medical or dental issues when the client enters the program.
  5. All court issues should be resolved before entering the program (This means active cases should be resolved with judge or probation/parole officer beforehand, or the client should be cleared by them to enter the program). Clients will need to leave the program and start over if an active court/arrest case arises.
  6. An explanation of guidelines, attire and schedule will be given (More extensively and reviewed when entering).
  7. You will enter the program and live at the facility for 12 months 24/7. This is a long term program.

How long does the program last?

Outreach Ministries is a 12 month residential discipleship training program. Our students live on the property. They will do classroom work, receive counseling, and do chores/property maintenance while being here. While 12 months is the standard time, There are rare cases in which students are given additional time in the program for disciplinary reasons. Students can permanently leave the program whenever they choose (unless probated to OMA by the court system). Once a student leaves they will not be allowed back on the property or in the program.

Will the person be able to visit friends and family?

Communication is allowed to immediate family only, and will be limited. The details about these limits will be discussed in the phone interview.

What kind of addictions do you work with?

We confront any life controlling issues such as alcohol, drugs, pornography, and other such addictions. We are not set up to deal with any physical, mental, psychological or handicap problems.

This is a drug free program, meaning narcotics of any kind are not permitted. As a Christian program we teach that getting your heart right with Christ is the only way to overcome these problems.

The majority of our students are overcoming chemical dependencies such as drugs, alcohol and nicotine addictions. We place our students in an environment that is spiritually safe and clean. Then we train them to live out their faith in Christ on a daily basis.

Will the program cost anything?

Outreach Ministries is a non-profit ministry. There will be a screening process for each potential student, but we do not charge our students to enter the program. We are supported through the generous contributions of friends, churches, and businesses in the community and around the country. Families of students are encouraged (but not required) to support the ministry of OMA.

How can I help?

Here are a few tangible ways to help our ministry:

  • Pray!
  • Make financial contributions.
  • Make donations towards specific projects.
  • Donate food & household/toiletry items.
  • Donate Vehicles and Lawn/Farm equipment.
  • Donate your time and talents.
  • Have us speak at your church, youth group, business or event!